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Museum kiosks & exhibits

  [NYT Skyscraper]

SKYSCRAPER! at the Liberty Science Center

In summer 2007, completed programming for an interactive wall exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, demonstrating the construction schedule of the brand new New York Times skyscraper.

My software uses an Onomy Labs Interactive Wall, a draggable plasma panel that creates the illusion of a translucent, moveable, interactive layer that overlays an image on the wall. I have created a 3D demonstration to better explain this cool exhibit.

I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

  [Hubbell Lighting]

Hubbell Lighting Solutions Center

In spring 2007, completed all programming for all five touchscreen exhibits at the new Hubbell Lighting Solutions Center in Greenville, SC.

The software I wrote controls the lighting systems in the kiosk area; here is a view of one kiosk in context (via BusinessWeek).

I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.; the Lighting Solutions Center was designed by Storyline Studio.

trendy.com Programming Presentation


ScriptEase: Computer Bondage and Automation

The text of our programming presentation at MIT is now online, along with a few bonus scripts. The presentation covers these areas:

  • Textual healing: multi-file search, grep, and other tools for taming text
  • Scripting secrets: supercharging actions in Fireworks and Photoshop
  • Extracting information: making your machine give up the goods
  • Pimping your tools: teaching your old apps new tricks to make your job easier


It's time for a wounded nation to play The Aim Game.

[The Aim Game!]

A patriotic service for the Veep from trendy.com: play The Aim Game!

When Vice President Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a friend during a hunting trip Feb. 12, it resonated heavily through the mightiest institutions in the land. Justice Antonin Scalia must have shuddered to recall joining Cheney for a friendly hunting trip in 2004, shortly before deciding a Supreme Court case in Cheney's favor.

Because this incident threatens to affect an important source of grease for the wheels of government, trendy.com has created a special Flash Target Practice simulation that the Vice President can use to avoid future mishaps with lobbyists, cronies, etc. We are proud and honored to have the opportunity to provide this service to our country.

Heart Attack!

That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day, the depressingest holiday of the year! But you can exact your revenge in this game, where you play Bizarro Cupid, whose job it is to break as many hearts as possible. Also includes yet another Jamie Ciocco original ridiculous theme song, which you can download separately for your iPod or other mp3 player. Yeah right.

This game requires the Macromedia Shockwave Director Plug-in. Different from Shockwave Flash, so download it if you have any trouble playing.

(On Valentine’s Day 2006 we also released a special Get Well Harry Whittington heart-mending version of the game, along with the Heart Attack Dick Cheney Remix theme song.)

[Heart Attack!]


[What a Waste!]

What a Waste! and Which is Wise?

Here are two games created for Rhode Island's recycling program; these and more are featured at RIRRC headquarters. (What a Waste background design by Jen Mergel.)

[Which is Wise?]

Songwriter v2.0

The Singing Viking is back in a brand new Flash version of an old favorite. Simply click the note, and he'll compose you a random couplet, haunting in its lyricism and disturbing in its intonation.