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About trendy.com

In 1989, years before the web existed as a commercial entity, our company had its professional beginnings doing brochure design in a dank basement. By 1990 the company had produced its very first interactive educational products. These products (originally created in Hypercard, and now available in Flash format for the first time) innovatively combined semi-cogent literary analysis with slapstick comedy, for an educational experience that was both entertaining and engaging.

In 1995, at the age of 22, Jamie Ciocco became Lead Multimedia Programmer at SilverPlatter Education. He programmed dozens of interactive CD-ROMs, and in 1996 programmed an entire online course system from scratch, including a credit card payment system. This course infrastructure was used to deliver hundreds of hours of medical education content over the web, including audio, video, and fully searchable text.

Jamie also started Trendy.com in 1996; in January 1999 Jamie left SilverPlatter to work full-time as Trendy.com's Lead Developer. From an initial focus on medical education, the company has diversified into programming educational games and museum exhibits, creating interactive marketing pieces, designing custom software and automation solutions for corporations, and iPhone app development.

Today, our software can be found on the web, on educational CD-ROMs, and in museums and exhibit halls across the country.